About the Trading Manager, CRA International, Inc.

By sacapuntas
In diciembre 15, 2015

CRA International, Inc. d/b/a Charles River Associates (CRA) is a leading global economic consulting firm with expertise in advising clients in a range of areas, including auctions and competitive bidding.

CRA is the independent Trading Manager for the GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) trading platform, appointed by Global Dairy Trade Holdings Ltd. In designing, developing, and managing GDT since its inception, CRA has applied its expertise and years of experience to ensure the success and growth of GDT.

CRA’s auction design for GDT is tailored to meet the needs of the commodity dairy industry, specifically to establish credible, reliable prices and market signals through an effective, transparent price discovery process. CRA continues to enhance the GDT platform, in addition to operating each GDT trading event including handling enquiries during the trading events through its multi-lingual call center.

CRA is expert in the design, development, and operation of a wide range of auctions and other trading mechanisms and platforms. For two decades, CRA has combined the science and art of market design and transaction methods in over a dozen industries and over a dozen countries for a range of clients including small and large companies, cooperatives, trade associations, regulated utilities, and government agencies at all levels. Economics and business principles, along with analytical rigor and foundations in auction theory and game theory, are applied and tailored to the particular needs and objectives of the client and industry, creating value for both sellers and buyers.

CRA’s platforms have been used for hundreds of successful auctions and trading events for single-seller multi-buyer, multi-seller single-buyer, and multi-seller multi-buyer marketplaces. CRA also advises bidders and other market participants.

Information on CRA can be found at www.crai.com and information about CRA’s Auctions & Competitive Bidding Practice can be found here www.auctions.crai.com